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New Installations


A common industry practice for new construction is a “no design” approach to HVAC installations.  HVAC companies are commonly known to have a cookie cutter approach to home or commercial installations.

Contrarily, Aaron Air is one of the most technically advanced and thorough installation specialists available for your HVAC system.  Every new installation at Aaron Air goes through extensive testing and measurement to build a properly tailored system for your unique application.

All new installs, whether commercial or residential, are approached with heat load, design requirements, R-values and air balancing being taken into consideration by our state of the art HVAV design software.  The end result is an HVAC installation that provides equal cooling and air flow throughout your facility or home.  Say goodbye to hotspots and cold pockets with a well-designed system placing the proper amount of warm or cool air into each target area.

Our balanced approach also ensures that air intake and exhaust requirements are sufficient for your needs.  In some cases multiple air returns or ducts will be added to ensure a proper balance of airflow to an area.

While you may find companies that can provide some of the testing and measurement procedures we perform at a premium, at Aaron Air this extensive strategy is standard practice.

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